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White House Budget Contains DoD Investments Poised to Strengthen Semiconductor Research

New Study Shows ITA Bridging Digital Divide

Sustaining America’s Consistent Trade Surplus in Semiconductors

Semiconductors Remain Export Leader for U.S. in 2016

U.S. Semiconductor Firms Top List of Patent Recipients in 2016

End-Use Products that Drove Semiconductor Sales in 2016

Huge Win for Global Trade with Ratification of Trade Facilitation Agreement

Sen. Hatch’s Innovation Agenda Would Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Industry

Our 2017 Policy Plan to Spur U.S. Semiconductor Industry Growth and Innovation

SIA Welcomes White House Report on Sustaining U.S. Semiconductor Leadership

SIA Urges President-Elect Trump to Support Policies that Promote Innovation

Remembering Semiconductor Industry Pioneer Erich Bloch, 1925-2016

Government, Industry Leaders Discuss Steps to Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Industry

New White House Group to Tackle Semiconductor Industry Challenges: Commerce Secretary Pritzker to Discuss Future of Industry on Wednesday

Tech Doubles Down on TPP

Recognizing the U.S. Semiconductor Workforce this Labor Day

DoD Announces Groundbreaking Policy to Stop Counterfeits

White House Advances High-Performance Computing Initiative

How Are Mid-Year Semiconductor Sales Shaping Up?

Congressional Research Arm Produces Report on the U.S. Chip Industry

Global Deal to Slash Tech Tariffs Goes into Force, but with a Hitch

SIA Applauds Chairman Brady’s Tax Reform Blueprint

Secretary Clinton’s Tech Platform Highlights Key Semiconductor Priorities

Hill Briefing Highlights Importance of Federal Research Investments

SIA Applauds Launch of IoT Initiative Led by Intel and Samsung

The World Semiconductor Council: 20 Years of Promoting Innovation through Free Trade

SIA Presents Policy Recommendations to Advance Internet of Things

Trade Panel Finds TPP Would Boost U.S. Economy, Create Jobs

High-Performance Computing Critical to U.S. Innovation, Competitiveness

Tech Weighs in on Presidential Agenda

Beyond Borders: The Evolution and Importance of the Global Semiconductor Value Chain

TPP Would Strengthen America’s Global Standing

Senate Committee Considers Risks of Counterfeits

Senate Votes to Protect Trade Secrets; House Should Follow Suit

The 2016 SIA Factbook: Your Top Source for Semiconductor Data

What End-Use Applications Drove Semiconductor Sales in 2015?

Don’t Write Off the Innovation Box

U.S. Semiconductor Companies Dominate List of Top Patent Recipients

The Semiconductor Seven: SIA’s Top Trade Priorities

Semiconductors Remain Export Powerhouse for U.S. in 2015

How U.S. Semiconductor Technology Strengthens our Military on the Battlefield

Our 8-Point Plan to Advance Semiconductor Industry Priorities in 2016

Three Ways the TPP Strengthens the Semiconductor Industry

Tech Industry Echoes President’s Call for Congressional Approval of TPP

Nairobi Delivers ITA Expansion!

Bipartisan Customs Bill Would Combat Counterfeit Semiconductors

China Kicks ITA Expansion Negotiations to Nairobi

SIA Welcomes Progress at U.S.-China Meeting on Semiconductor Issues

Why the U.S. Military is Interested in the Internet of Things

SIA Welcomes Release of Final Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership

Budget Agreement Provides Opportunity for Needed Research Investments

3 Things You Need to Know about 2015 Noyce Award Winner Bill Holt

Global Industry Reiterates Call for Restrained “Staging” for ITA Expansion

New White House Research Initiative Will Advance Semiconductor-Driven Technologies

Meet Leon Panetta At SIA's Annual Award Dinner

The Critical Nexus Between Innovation and Basic Research for the Chip Industry

Legislation to Protect Trade Secrets Would Strengthen Semiconductor Industry

Congress Has Historic Opportunity to Modernize U.S. Chemicals Law

MFG DAY 2015: Semiconductor Manufacturing Critical to America’s Strength, Competitiveness

Dance on ITA "Staging" Begins

Global Industry Urges ITA Negotiators to Show Restraint on Staging

SIA’s Dustin Todd to Serve as Chair of Task Force on American Innovation

SIA White Paper: Facts about Semiconductor Manufacturing

Remembering Semiconductor Industry Leader Thomas Hinkelman, 1925-2015

SIA White Paper: U.S. Semiconductor Industry is America's Most Innovative Manufacturing Industry

The 2015 SIA Factbook: Your Source for Semiconductor Industry and Market Data

White House Launches Initiative to Strengthen U.S. Leadership in Supercomputing

How are Semiconductor Sales Shaping up for the First Half of 2015?

Thailand Gives ITA Expansion "Critical Mass"

Another Good Day for Trade as Taiwan Gives Approval to ITA Expansion

A Good Day for Trade as ITA Expansion Rolls On

It’s a Deal: ITA Negotiations on Track to Conclude on Friday

Nanotechnology Research Key to Big Semiconductor Breakthroughs

ITA Negotiations to Resume: Global Industry Strongly Presses for Conclusion Next Week

House Approves Needed Updates to Federal Chemicals Law

House Needs to Get Trade Promotion Authority Across Finish Line

House Closing in on Decisive Vote on Trade Promotion Authority

Senate Should Approve Legislation to Strengthen and Extend R&D Tax Credit

Senate Approval of TPA a Big Win for Semiconductor Industry, U.S. Economy

What U.S. States Are Leading Exporters of Semiconductors? Some May Surprise You

SIA Supports Efforts to Modernize U.S. Chemicals Law


SIA Joins Effort to Develop International Anti-counterfeiting Curriculum for Customs Officers

How are Semiconductor Sales Shaping up for the First Quarter of 2015?

Congress Should Approve Trade Promotion Authority Legislation

House Science Committee Considers Legislation to Authorize Funding for Research

What is Moore’s Law and Why is it So Great?

H-1B Visa Limit Shows Urgent Need for Immigration Reform

The SIA Factbook: Your Source for the Latest Semiconductor Industry and Market Data

What End Use Applications Drove Semiconductor Sales in 2014?

Myths vs. Facts: Setting the Record Straight on Immigration

UN Should Not Prohibit Use of Chemicals Vital to Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Industry Primer: The Stages of Production and Business Models

New Immigration Policy Will Increase Access to Talent, Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Industry

Tech Leaders Urge Congress to Swiftly Enact Trade Promotion Authority to Strengthen Economy, Open Markets

How Did the Global Semiconductor Market Reach Record Sales in 2014?

Implementation of Trade Facilitation Agreement Inches Closer Following U.S. Letter of Acceptance

SIA Commends Introduction of Bipartisan I-Squared Act to Reform High-Skilled Immigration System

What’s the Outlook for Semiconductor Industry Priorities in the New Congress?

How to Stop Counterfeit Semiconductors

One-Year Extension of R&D Credit is Progress, but Congress Has More Work to Do

The Benefits of Including Multi-Component Semiconductors in an Expanded Information Technology Agreement

Semiconductor Industry Forecasts Broad and Sustained Sales Growth for 2015

What is a Multi-Component Semiconductor (MCO)?

Semiconductor Industry Reaction to President's Announcement on Immigration

SIA Award Dinner Caps Successful Week for Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Market Continues Record Setting Pace in Third Quarter of 2014

SIA China IP Priorities Raised at Roundtable with China Intellectual Property Rights Center

Global Semiconductor Industry Urges Governments to Prevent Restrictions on Encryption Technology

SIA White Paper: Semiconductor Industry Has Grown U.S. Economy through Innovation

SIA White Paper: Semiconductor Industry Has Contributed More to U.S. Economic Growth than any other Major Manufacturing Industry

Critical Materials Necessary for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Five Actions Policymakers Should Take to Spur U.S. Innovation

Corporate Sponsors are the Key to SIA's Annual Award Dinner

SIA Award Dinner Brings Together Semiconductor Professionals for Celebration of Industry

Emerging Technologies Can Help Save Gas, Reduce Traffic

Semiconductor Market Setting Sales Records through the First Half of 2014

Coalition Urges President Obama to Take Action on Immigration

Semiconductors Hold the Key to Stopping Car Thefts

WTO Should Implement Trade Facilitation Agreement

Gaming, Semiconductors and the 21st Century Classroom

Semiconductor Industry Ranks High in Patent Quality

No ITA Deal Reached at SandED; U.S. and China Commit to Continued Discussions

Semiconductor Industry Forecasts Broad and Sustained Sales Growth for 2014 and Beyond

Program Helps Track and Improve Semiconductor Industry Environmental Performance

Advanced Semiconductors Enable Cleaner, More Efficient Use of Energy

Prosecution of Counterfeit Chip Trafficker Marks Step Forward in Fight Against Semiconductor Counterfeiting

U.S. Semiconductor Workplaces Far Safer Than National Average

Projected GDP Growth Bodes Well for Semiconductor Sales

Global Semiconductor Industry Urges ITA Expansion Breakthrough at APEC Trade Meeting

Semiconductor Market Maintains Momentum at Start of 2014

Administration Announces Steps to Attract Skilled Workers, Researchers

Government Report Highlights Semiconductor Industry's Key Intellectual Property Concerns

Three Reasons Congress Should Close the Innovation Deficit

Semiconductor Industry Representative Urges Proper Implementation of RandD Tax Credit

Shortage of H-1B Visas Hampers U.S. Job Creation, Innovation

Computers Remained Top Semiconductor End Use Market in 2013; Communications Growing Fast

Computers Remained Top Semiconductor End Use Market in 2013; Communications Growing Fast

SIA Works with U.S. Customs to Combat Counterfeit Semiconductors

Three Steps Congress Can Take Now to Spur U.S. Innovation

SIA Promotes STEM Education through Discover Engineering Family Day

SIA Highlights IP Concerns in Key Markets

GAO: Nanomanufacturing Critical to U.S. Innovation, Competitiveness

Chip-Enabled Vehicle Communication Technology Could Save Lives

S.1600: A Proactive Approach to Supply Chain Security

Trade Promotion Authority Legislation Will Help Deliver Economy-Boosting Trade Agreements

New Research Collaboration Will Help Combat Potential Semiconductor Security Threats

Government's DNA Marking Requirement Increases Risks of Counterfeit Chips

Restoring Domestic Supply of Critical Minerals Will Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Industry

SIA Commends Introduction of Legislation to Reduce Abusive Patent Litigation

Enactment of Helium Legislation Strengthens American Manufacturing

House Approves Helium Bill, Sends Back to Senate as Deadline Approaches

Why We Need Encryption Rules in the TPP and Other Trade Agreements

Working Together to Close the Innovation Deficit

Broad SIA-Led Coalition Urges Congress to Enact Legislation to Secure Supply of Helium

SIA's New Anti-Counterfeiting White Paper: A Roadmap in the Battle Against Counterfeit Semiconductors

Reducing Patent Abuse Would Spur Semiconductor Innovation

Broad Coalition: Failure to Enact Immigration Reform Is Not an Option

House Must Overcome Differences, Enact Immigration Reform

Responsible Use of Chemicals Enables Semiconductor Innovation

WSTS Projects Steady Growth for Industry

SIA Hosts Roundtable with Southeast Asian Trade Ministers

Japan Would Strengthen Key Trade Agreement

Scientific Research is a Team Sport

Judiciary Committee Senators Reach Deal on High-Skilled Immigration Amendments

Advancing Innovation Through an Improved Patent System: SIA Statement on Abusive Patent Litigation

Why small is really big

Helium Bill Floats to the House Floor; Broad Coalition Urges Passage

World Semiconductor Council Calls on India to Join ITA Expansion Talks

President's Budget Calls for Investments in Research, STEM Education

H-1B Cap Shows Urgent Need for High-Skilled Immigration Reform

SIA Advocates for ITA Expansion at Geneva Meetings

House Committee Approves Legislation to Secure Helium Supply

Broad Coalition of Tech Leaders Call on President, Congress to Enact High-Skilled Immigration Reform

Expansion of Key Trade Agreement Should be a Top Priority

Discover Engineering Family Day Helps Spur Kids' Interest in Technology

President Outlines Plan to Drive Innovation; Now is the Time for Action

NDAA Provision is Key Step Toward Export Control Reform

Semiconductor Companies Top 2012 Patent List, Reflecting Industry's Innovation Leadership

SIA's 2013 Policy Roadmap Strengthens U.S. Semiconductor Industry, Boosts American Innovation

Technology Could Help Reduce Harmful Emissions

SIA Working With Federal Government to Improve Collection of Semiconductor Employment Data

Semiconductor Jobs Tied to Effective Government Policies

Budget Sequestration Would Stifle Research, Innovation

Keeping the U.S. at the Forefront of Innovation

Government's Support for Long-Term Research

Semiconductors Play a Significant and Growing Part in Operating your Car

PTO Expansion is Good News for Semiconductor Industry

TechElect Advances Proposals to Create and Sustain American Jobs

SIA Supports the Securing the Talent America Requires for the 21st Century (STAR) Act

Semiconductor Industry's Outsized Impact on Innovation

Funding the Innovation Engine

Leading the Way on Climate Protection

A win-win moment for the U.S. technology industry and for taxpayers

In Honor of Dr. Robert Noyce

Not Politics As Usual

Tech Boot Camp

Air, Water or Food

WSC/GAMS Meeting Marks Collaboration and Competition Within Global Semiconductor Community

America Invents Act: Ensuring U.S. Tech Leadership for the Future

Semiconductors Drive Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Unleashing America's Potential: Corporate Tax Reform

A Model for American Economic Growth

A busy week at home and abroad

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