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Sen. Hatch’s Innovation Agenda Would Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Industry

Posted by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs on Feb 16, 2017 6:30:00 PM

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), chairman of the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force, today unveiled his innovation agenda for the 115th Congress during an event at the U.S. Capitol. Many of the initiatives highlighted in Sen. Hatch’s plan align closely with the U.S. semiconductor industry’s policy priorities, including reforming America’s corporate tax system, investing in basic research, protecting intellectual property (IP), strengthening America’s tech workforce, and promoting the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT). Advancing these initiatives would strengthen the U.S. semiconductor industry, the broader tech sector, and our economy. We applaud Sen. Hatch for his longstanding leadership on tech priorities.

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SIA Applauds Chairman Brady’s Tax Reform Blueprint

Posted by Joe Pasetti, Director, Government Affairs on Jun 29, 2016 6:00:00 PM

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) on Friday unveiled a blueprint to reform America’s outdated tax system. SIA applauds the Speaker, Chairman Brady, Committee members, and staff for their hard work producing this plan to advance the cause of urgently needed U.S. corporate tax reform. 

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Tech Weighs in on Presidential Agenda

Posted by John Neuffer, President & CEO on May 4, 2016 7:00:00 PM

As the presidential election year comes into sharper focus this week, the tech community is weighing in with the priorities it believes should be central to the public debate in the months ahead – priorities that are critical to sustaining a strong America and a strong American economy.

In an open letter sent today to the presidential candidates, SIA and the heads of 12 other tech associations representing thousands of U.S. companies and their employees wrote that “a central challenge of our time must be leveraging our strengths to expand opportunities and better prepare more citizens for the opportunities ahead.” To help meet this challenge and to ensure America remains at the forefront of economic and technological leadership, the associations attached to the letter a Technology Sector Presidential Platform that sets forth a series of policy recommendations. They are meant to:

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Don’t Write Off the Innovation Box

Posted by Joe Pasetti, Director, Government Affairs on Mar 22, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Jason Furman, Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, recently stated the Obama Administration believes “…adopting an innovation box would move tax policy in the wrong direction, increasing complexity and cost without a commensurate boost to innovation.” We, however, believe it’s premature to write off the innovation box, which provides a lower tax rate on income related to intellectual property (IP). SIA has supported an innovation box as a component of comprehensive tax reform to make the U.S. tax system more competitive with those in foreign nations. 

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Our 8-Point Plan to Advance Semiconductor Industry Priorities in 2016

Posted by John Neuffer, President & CEO on Jan 19, 2016 3:30:00 PM

SIA has long championed federal policies that promote U.S. innovation, economic growth, and global competitiveness. Now that the 114th Congress has reached its midpoint and lawmakers have resumed legislative work in the new year, it’s a good time to assess the progress made in 2015 on some of the semiconductor industry’s policy priorities and the work that remains for 2016. [DOWNLOAD SIA'S 2016 POLICY PRIORITIES HERE] 

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Senate Should Approve Legislation to Strengthen and Extend R&D Tax Credit

Posted by Joe Pasetti, Director, Government Affairs on May 26, 2015 4:30:00 PM

On May 20, the House of Representatives approved the American Research and Competitiveness Act of 2015 (H.R. 880), bipartisan legislation that would strengthen the R&D tax credit and make it permanent. SIA applauds House passage of this needed legislation and urges the Senate to swiftly approve it as well.

No industry has a greater commitment to research and development than the semiconductor sector. Semiconductor companies invest about one-fifth of revenues each year in R&D – the highest share of any industry. These investments have helped the U.S. semiconductor industry sustain the pipeline of new discoveries that fuel our industry and the overall economy. The R&D credit is a critical incentive for companies to continue performing cutting-edge research in the United States and create jobs, since 70 percent of credit dollars are used to pay salaries of high-skilled R&D workers in the U.S.

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What’s the Outlook for Semiconductor Industry Priorities in the New Congress?

Posted by David Isaacs, Vice President, Government Affairs on Jan 5, 2015 10:30:00 AM

As we prepare for the official start of the 114th Congress on Jan. 6, it’s a good time to assess the election results and the landscape for semiconductor industry priorities in the new Congress.

The most notable change in Washington from the 2014 elections is that Republicans gained the majority in the U.S. Senate for the first time since 2007. Republicans also expanded their majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, meaning Congress is now more solidly Republican than it has been at any time during the Obama presidency.

Given these changes, here’s the outlook for several of the industry’s top policy priorities in the 114th Congress:

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One-Year Extension of R&D Credit is Progress, but Congress Has More Work to Do

Posted by Joe Pasetti, Director, Government Affairs on Dec 17, 2014 4:00:00 PM

On Dec. 16, the Senate approved legislation that provides a one-year, retroactive extension of the R&D tax credit, as well as an extension of bonus depreciation and the CFC look-thru rule, all of which lapsed at the end of 2013. The House passed this bill on Dec. 3 and it will soon be signed into law.

While SIA supports this legislation, ensuring that research expenses for 2014 will be eligible for the credit, we are disappointed that the bill did not enhance the incentive nor extend the credit for longer than a few weeks going forward. SIA continues to advocate for a permanent extension of an enhanced R&D credit, which enjoys widespread bipartisan support in Congress.

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Five Actions Policymakers Should Take to Spur U.S. Innovation

Posted by Dan Rosso, Communications Manager on Sep 26, 2014 6:00:00 AM

In the U.S. semiconductor industry and across the broader tech sector, innovation occurs through the hard work and ingenuity of tech workers and smart public policy from the federal government. Although Congress has adjourned until after the November elections, SIA continues to work to achieve progress on a range of policy initiatives that would boost U.S. innovation, economic strength and global competitiveness. 

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Semiconductor Industry Representative Urges Proper Implementation of RandD Tax Credit

Posted by Joe Pasetti, Director, Government Affairs on Apr 23, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Ensuring the appropriate implementation of tax policies related to the research and development (R&D) credit is of critical importance to the U.S. semiconductor industry. Given our industry’s significant investments in R&D, SIA has long advocated for a strengthened and permanent R&D credit to promote innovation in the U.S.

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